United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Screenshot of the VA website
Va.gov is the frontend for the Veterans-facing Services Platform, for which I was the engineering lead.

Project Details

The Veterans-facing Services Platform is a general purpose collection of tooling that, together produce what you see on va.gov. This platform consists of:

  • VA Design System
  • A form Builder System
  • Over 70 independent React applications
  • A CI/CD process managed through Github Actions
  • A Feature Toggle API service
  • Automated testing systems through Cypress and Mocha
  • Automated accessibility compliance monitoring through axe-core

As Engineering and Delivery Lead for the platform it was my responsibility to ensure project and engineering delivery stayed on track, consistent, and was delivered with the highest possible quality to ensure the best user experience for our veterans. All the work for va.gov was conducted in the open. You can see our main repository as well as the ticket backlog.

Project Specifications

Visit the VA

  • Role: Delivery, Engineering and Accessibility Lead
  • Accessibility Compliance: WCAG 2.1 Level AA
  • Content management: Headless Drupal
  • Application engineering: React
  • CI / CD: Github Actions
  • Automated Testing: Cypress, axe, Mocha, Pact
  • Monitoring: Datadog, Prometheus, Sentry, SpeedCurve